About Me

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My interest sparked in the event planning and speaker support space back when I was a junior in college.


A mentor made me aware of an international event planner who was killing it in the industry.


I reached out to set up a phone call and asked if we could meet when I was in town. 


She said, “when are you going to be in town?” 

My response was, “when can you meet?” 


I bought a one way ticket to Florida and flew to spend the day with her. From there, I was hooked. I came back to my campus and my entrepreneurial journey began. There wasn’t an exact program for event planning on my campus, so I began to freelance as an event planner (oh, and I scored a coveted internship with the Pittsburgh Steelers, too).

I long for a good cup of strong, black Colombian coffee.

I love to buy books (working on the whole actually reading them part).

I am mildly obsessed with sending greeting cards. Snail mail is a lost art!

A good planner or paper supply good can brighten my day in a heartbeat.

Travel makes me the happiest human. 24 countries, 42 states + counting!

I love dogs more than people #sorrynotsorry

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As a college senior, I started to work with professional speakers by bringing them to my campus along with other colleges across the country. When I started to interact with speakers at different conferences, I saw a common need. They needed help marketing, scheduling, and getting paid. So I pitched the idea as a freelancer: yes, I loved getting paid, but I also loved working with some of the best speakers in the business. It was a total win-win


I’ve worked in the event fundraising space, I’ve worked with political candidates, I’ve worked with marketing teams, and engineering firms. In 2016, I started to work with speaker and coach, Mitch Matthews full-time. I helped him grow his business and also supported national events with a multi-year corporate sponsorship engagement. 


As we did that, my main focus was building systems, procedures, and I found a new passion within what I’ve been doing for almost a decade. From there, I saw the opportunity to build something even bigger and ‘Hire A Lindsay’ was born.

Are you a coach, speaker, or content creator that’s needing some help?